Farewell C6

The C6 was sold and delivered to it's new owner. The sound deadening was never finished, but the car was already very quiet and that dreary diesel clatter was gone.

A great car, like nothing else on the road
A great car, like nothing else on the road

I have fallen out of love with the C6, no fault from the car, the car is amazing and everyone should try driving or being driven in a Citroën with hidropneumatic suspension, it is something else!

It was hard to sell, the C6 was the perfect car for me, apart from the diesel engine. The colour, the interior, the options, it was exactly as I would bought it if I were to spec it from new.

But the dealer network is appalling. It was a pain to take it to the shop for repairs, it was necessary to triple check everything otherwise you would be replacing expensive parts that didn't need replacing.

So, I had enough and will replace it with something completely different, an electric car.

In conclusion

I had great results with the C6. The car was very well built in regards with sound deadening and was already a quiet car to begin with. Almost every area I added Dynamat showed some improvement. These are the end results:

Idle80 km/h120 km/h
Factory46 dB63 dB65 dB
Current44 dB59 dB62 dB
Approximate weight added: 10.1 kg

It was a pleasure on the motorway. I could be driving at higher speeds and every passenger could talk without raising their voice.

On to the next project!

Citroën C6
Done in 17 of November, 2017